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Date: 19.09.2005 - 04:46:38
Name: mm
Country: uk

Happy Birthday Lokien!

Date: 17.09.2005 - 06:26:57
Name: Molly
Country: New Zealand

Hey Lokien how are you? I know it's probably real early where you are but i want to wish you a happy birthday. So Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!

Date: 27.01.2005 - 22:12:49
Name: Peter
Country: Netherlands

Hi Lokien,

What a coincidence, my oldest son (almost 6 years old now) is also called Lokien!

Peter (

Date: 14.01.2005 - 06:52:59
Name: fds
Country: fdsf


Date: 25.12.2004 - 14:12:23
Name: wendy vidal/graas
Country: canada

congrad. the first time we have seenyour pics. i'm kay's goddaughter. all the best in the new year.

Date: 26.09.2004 - 07:13:40
Name: K. KRUMP
Country: UK

Very nice wish you all the best.

Date: 17.09.2004 - 12:40:06
Name: Mike, Jo, Thomas, Alex and Rileigh
Country: NZ


Date: 16.09.2004 - 13:21:29
Name: Molly and Max
Country: nz

hi lokien we just got new kittens licorice and boris we'll get dad to email some pics

Date: 16.09.2004 - 13:18:58
Name: Molly and Max
Country: nz

hi lokien we just got new kittens licorice and boris we'll get dad to email some pics

Date: 16.09.2004 - 13:08:11
Name: Molly
Country: New Zealand

Hi Lokien Happy birthday for Friday!!!!!!xxxxxooooo

Date: 13.03.2004 - 11:33:32
Name: Lundy
Country: JP

Testing on new host.

Date: 5.11.2003 - 17:42:34
Name: eldee
Country: World :)

Best wishes to new mum and dad!

Date: 10.10.2003 - 16:52:17
Name: Taslima Shahjahan
Country: UK

Congrats to the new family!!
I am so proud of you guys- Lokien is gorgeous!!
Lots of love Tas and Baz xxx

Date: 1.10.2003 - 18:00:54
Name: Leig hKearsley
Country: New Zealand

You guys are so ace
Welcome to the world sweetie, you are blessed to have 2 very amazing people as your parents.
Big love and hug to the 3 of you
Ps. well done on the natural birth, I am so proud of you

Date: 30.09.2003 - 20:41:52
Name: emily downey
Country: japan

You are doing a great job and are an inspiration to me for my soon to be happening birth. love ya and cant wait to take them out and about together-takashimaya food department and massage chairs, here we come!

Date: 29.09.2003 - 22:56:12
Name: Yuko
Country: Hiroshima,Japan

Ushka,Sugoi!Good job!
Looking forward to seeing you guys!!


Date: 29.09.2003 - 15:01:07
Name: Bo
Country: Denmark

Congrat' you guys - happy to see the new born family all smileys ;-)

Date: 29.09.2003 - 04:55:44
Name: Carolyn, Graham, Debbie, Julie, Robert and Mary
Country: UK

We are so delighted to see the pictures of your beautiful baby son - congratulations and best wishes to all of you.

Date: 28.09.2003 - 13:57:12
Name: Sue and Buni
Country: New Zealand

Wow, look at that lovely babe! Hurrah! Can't wait to get back and catch up. Congratulations!!!!

Date: 28.09.2003 - 12:09:54
Name: Jill and John Greig
Country: New Zealand

Just heard from your Mum and dad the very exciting news of their new Grandson
Congratulations -he will keep you busy- at least they have CUTE baby stuff in Japan

Date: 28.09.2003 - 08:20:40
Name: Erin & Bob & Kaelin, Matthew, Damian, Jonathan & Dominic
Country: Canada

Congratulations. Oh what a blessing a new baby is. Each one is sooooo precious and each will give a different experience. Enjoy your little boy he is a gift from the universe.

Date: 25.09.2003 - 05:03:55
Name: Family Henley
Country: UK

To Family Lundman - try that for size - kool huh? Enjoy every minute - you'll have lots of fun - we went for babe 2 in 20 weeks - any plans?!Luv Elen and Co

Date: 24.09.2003 - 20:19:36
Name: Sarah, Barry Brett
Country: UK

(formerly Elen Henly's neighbours!)Well done Ushka!! Congrats to you both on the safe arrival of your son, may he be happy and give you all lots of joy, much love, Sarah, Barry, Aaron, Scott, Craig and Georgia xxxx

Date: 23.09.2003 - 12:32:30
Name: Ila
Country: Canada

Congratulations! Best wishes to the three of you!
(Loki' is soooo cute!!) :>

Date: 20.09.2003 - 19:30:15
Name: Nana Nanc and Grand Bry
Country: New Zealand

We are just so proud and happy. Can't wait to meet Lokien and get to know him.
Lots of love, Mom and Dad xxxx

Date: 20.09.2003 - 12:46:16
Name: John (Gi-San)
Country: Canada

Wow! Sign that huge boy up for Tre Kronor! Not a Dwarfish name.. Gondorian? Congrats to you both and enjoy parenting, the Final Frontier.

Date: 20.09.2003 - 10:46:58
Country: Down under, deep

Well it is the most beatiful baby in the world for you two, isn't it. Well just ask farmor and you will get another opinion, he he he.

Date: 20.09.2003 - 08:16:45
Name: gC
Country: UK

Hey guyz,

Congrats, I remember when we had ours, a fantastic experience that goes really fast so make sure to take *LOTS* of pix to remember as many memories as you can.

Congrats again,

Date: 19.09.2003 - 22:51:18
Name: Kay &Dandy
Country: Japan

We are very happy(^^)v

Date: 19.09.2003 - 18:00:56
Name: SphinxDG
Country: Denmark

Hey fellas!

C O N G R A T Z!! with a job well done, by both of you. ;)

I remember when my daughter Maria came into this world, so i know how u guyz feel right now. He's the 8th wonder of the world.

On behalf of all membz of Danish Gold, i wish u all a happy and long life.

Sphinx/Danish Gold.

Date: 19.09.2003 - 17:27:27
Name: FrontLine


Date: 19.09.2003 - 15:49:05
Name: Eci
Country: Finland

Best whishes for a new dad and mother and baby boy too.

Date: 19.09.2003 - 13:18:02
Name: keiko
Country: japan

congratulations & very well done!! Looking forward to seeking you all!!

Date: 19.09.2003 - 00:17:47
Name: Sachie
Country: Canada

Congratulations! You did it!To make a toast, I am going to open a very special bottle from the basement tonight! I cannot wait to see you guys!

Date: 18.09.2003 - 18:05:36
Name: Ally & John Menary
Country: New Zealand

Congratulations and well done on the natural birth. Hope all continues to go well.

Date: 18.09.2003 - 17:37:21
Name: Oliver
Country: Japan

Congratulations Ushka, Jorgen!

And you got the domain name, hurrah hurrah!


Date: 18.09.2003 - 17:24:22
Name: That fat, ugly slob
Country: Norway

Wow, a small Lundman. It's like.... you're all grown up and stuff. responsibilities.... Congrats :)

Date: 18.09.2003 - 17:19:23
Name: PaleX
Country: Finland


Date: 18.09.2003 - 17:07:08
Name: DDT 'Godfather'
Country: Finland

Hope u know how to behave and wont keep your dad awake too much, we need him in good mood so behave and ill fetch u summit for next Bday :P

Date: 18.09.2003 - 16:21:12
Name: Oliver
Country: Japan

Congratulations Ushka, Jorgen!

And you got the domain name, hurrah hurrah!


Date: 18.09.2003 - 15:54:50
Name: Molly
Country: New Zealand

Hi Lokien

Date: 18.09.2003 - 15:39:51
Name: Purdey
Country: Japan

Congratulations Ushka, Jorgen and welcome Lokien! He's so cute! Best wishes and take care! =)

Date: 18.09.2003 - 15:03:22
Name: Russell & Shona
Country: New Zealand

Yeehaaa !!!
Congratulations to Ushka, Jorgen and of course Lokien.Well done to you all.Enjoy your rest while you can, we'll be having a couple of 'quiet ones' for you.

Date: 18.09.2003 - 13:13:00
Name: Tamano
Country: JAPAN

I'm so happy hear that!!

Date: 18.09.2003 - 12:46:02
Name: Takako
Country: Japan


Date: 18.09.2003 - 12:11:49
Name: Steve, Linda & Ila
Country: Canada

Hello little Lokien!

What a beautiful little boy.
Congatulations Ushka & Jorgen and best wishes to all three of you.

Date: 18.09.2003 - 09:50:25
Name: Lady-Luna and Brainiac
Country: Iceland

Congratulations to all three of you.
Luna and Brainy

Date: 18.09.2003 - 08:41:51
Name: bANGo
Country: Australia

This beer is for you!

Date: 18.09.2003 - 08:17:10
Name: yukie
Country: japan


Date: 18.09.2003 - 06:38:02
Name: Kinvig & Tart69
Country: U.K.

kewl, were trying to catch one of those too ;)

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